Parenting Tips

How to Co-Sleep and Not Panic

This article first appeared in MyChild magazine on February 1, 2017. Co-sleeping is when you share the same sleeping space with your child. There are different ways that this arrangement could work: Bassinet/cot in the same room as the parents An Arms Reach Co-Sleeper, where the baby has their own space attached to your bed – [...]

Tiny Teachers – What My Babies Have Taught Me About Life

You dress them, feed them and ultimately, give them the education, values and skills they need for adulthood. But it’s not a one-way street. If you can see through the haze of sleep deprivation, somewhere between the witching hour and the peacefully sleeping baby there are some valuable life lessons to be learnt. Although I [...]

Secrets of Sleep School

As a dedicated yoga practitioner, my views about how to raise my child naturally aligned to the ‘attachment’ style of parenting. For nine months, I carried my baby in a sling, fed her to sleep, co-slept and generally tried to be gentle and sensitive to her needs. The idea of controlled crying to ‘teach’ her [...]

Mummy and Me Yoga

Most people think of yoga as something you do in a studio, with a group of people wearing Lululemon outfits, listening to zen-like music and calmly following a teacher’s instructions. But with a sense of humour and a bit of imagination, it is easy for mums to incorporate your baby into your own yoga practice, [...]