Pregnancy Tips

Things your yoga teacher wants you to tell them (Spoiler alert: It’s not where you bought your yoga pants)

There’s certain things your teacher needs to know so she can keep you and your baby safe during your yoga lesson. Pregnancy and postpartum can bring up a whole host of issues that are labelled as ‘normal’. But just because they’re common issues doesn’t mean it’s something you need to just ‘put up’ with. Oftentimes [...]

How to Set Up a Home Yoga Space

Doing pregnancy yoga online is a great way of prioritising your personal health and wellbeing. Pregnant women from all over Australia have joined our virtual yoga classes because of the Coronavirus. Many have found yoga lessons online are actually MORE convenient because it saves travel time.One of the most common objections though to online yoga [...]

8 Tips for A Calm and Positive Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Most of us are self-isolating at home during this difficult and uncertain time. For some of us that means working from home – often with increased pressure to work harder and longer hours than ever before.Perhaps you’re also juggling caring for your older children. (High five Mummas, I see you...I have 3 kids at home [...]

Beat Pregnancy Tiredness!

Do you remember a time when you were feeling so tired that even tooth picks wouldn’t have kept your eyes open? Like the following day at work after a late night of dancing and drinking (B.C. Before Children!). Or a time when you just got back after an overseas trip and your tiredness was so [...]

Yoga Class Etiquette

Just like in any gathering, there are certain rules observed in a yoga class to ensure smooth facilitation and interaction. It requires silence and respect for other people’s space. Whether it’s your first time attend or you’re coming back after a sabbatical, here are the basics of yoga class etiquette that you need to remember: [...]

Prenatal Pilates 101

Pilates is a method of exercise that involves performing low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. (Ref 1)  It has a focus on developing and maintaining good posture, through correct alignment of your body parts, stretching of tight muscles and use of your deep core muscles. It was originally developed in the 1920s by [...]

Yoga and a Healthy Pregnancy

This article first appeared in Indian Link magazine on December 15, 2016. We all know that a healthy lifestyle is important. When you are pregnant, your baby is completely relying on you so it’s even more important to stay active and have a healthy pregnancy – physically and emotionally. The experts all agree: The American College [...]

How Yoga Helped Me to Have Two Beautiful, Virtually-Pain Free Births

This article first appeared in MyChild magazine on February 1, 2017. My name is Caroline. I’m Mum to three beautiful girls – Samaira age 5, Alysha age 2.5 and Indira age 5 months. I’m also a yoga teacher specialising in Pregnancy Yoga, and I’m passionate about helping women to have a healthy, active pregnancy and an [...]

The Beauty of Bonding With Your Baby

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. It’s an out-of-body experience where you feel the miracle of life growing inside of you. You may find the changes in your body difficult but once you feel your baby’s first kick and succeeding movements, you will fully embrace this season of life with open arms. The beautiful thing about [...]

Yoga for Two – 12 Reasons Every Pregnant Woman Should Do Yoga

This article first appeared in Indus Age magazine on January 31, 2017. Caroline Bagga, Founder of Mother Nurture Yoga, Sydney’s Leading Pregnancy Yoga School, talks about the importance of staying active during pregnancy and the many benefits of Pregnancy Yoga. We all know that a healthy lifestyle is important. When you are pregnant, your baby is [...]