Pregnancy Tips

WIN The Ultimate Pregnancy Package worth over $600!!

Mother Nurture Yoga has teamed up with our friends at Smiley Organics and Cindy Cavanagh photography to offer the Ultimate Pregnancy Package - a bundle worth $600!! The Ultimate Pregnancy Package consists of: Three month Unlimited Pass to attend Mother Nurture Pregnancy Yoga classes at one of their 7 studio locations worth $219 plus their popular [...]

Bonding With Your Bump

Seeing your bub on the ultrasound screen and feeling those first fluttery movements are magical moments that make it all start to seem real! Beginning the process of bonding with your baby is an important part of your journey into motherhood. But how can you actually go about doing it before your baby is born? [...]

Five Surprising Uses for a Fitness Ball

I’m sure you’ve seen them, but maybe you’ve wondered what on earth you’re meant to do with them? Also called a Birth Ball and a Swiss Ball, you can usually pick these up in Coles, Woollies, Kmart, Rebel Sport etc. With multiple uses during pregnancy, labour and post-natally, this will be the best $15 you [...]

10 Australian Pregnancy Books You Should Read

I admit that What to Expect When You’re Expecting is sitting on my bookshelf, and I too laughed along when reading Up the Duff. These are popular pregnancy books and do provide some good information, but it’s useful to read a bit more widely, particularly when it comes to preparing for birth. Try to get your [...]

7 Simple Tips for Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

We all know healthy eating during pregnancy is important – after all your baby is relying on you for their nutrition. There’s loads of advice out there about what to eat or not eat when you’re pregnant but it can easily become quite confusing. Here’s our 7 simple tips to eating healthily for two: Tip [...]

Five Reasons Why Every Pregnant Woman Should Do Yoga

In a dedicated pregnancy yoga class you will benefit so much more than just stretching and relaxing. Many Midwives, Doctors and Obstetricians now recognise the health benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy. In fact, most private health funds now even offer rebates for yoga classes! For a lot of women, their first experience of yoga [...]

Beat Winter Colds With These Natural Remedies

Stay healthy with these simple cures. The cold winter weather places an inevitable strain on our immune systems which are already stretched by pregnancy. Many of the normal cold and flu tablets are not safe during pregnancy, but that doesn't mean you need to suffer! Here's our top natural remedies for preventing and curing winter colds, all of which [...]

Top Five Tips for a Natural Birth

Five easy tips which could make a real difference to your birth experience. I’m 35 weeks pregnant with my second child and currently investing a lot of my head space on preparing for a beautiful natural birth. It’s been a long journey since my first birth which started with a post-dates induction and ended in [...]