Pregnancy Yoga

How to Set Up a Home Yoga Space

Doing pregnancy yoga online is a great way of prioritising your personal health and wellbeing. Pregnant women from all over Australia have joined our virtual yoga classes because of the Coronavirus. Many have found yoga lessons online are actually MORE convenient because it saves travel time.One of the most common objections though to online yoga [...]

8 Tips for A Calm and Positive Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Most of us are self-isolating at home during this difficult and uncertain time. For some of us that means working from home – often with increased pressure to work harder and longer hours than ever before.Perhaps you’re also juggling caring for your older children. (High five Mummas, I see you...I have 3 kids at home [...]

Beat Pregnancy Tiredness!

Do you remember a time when you were feeling so tired that even tooth picks wouldn’t have kept your eyes open? Like the following day at work after a late night of dancing and drinking (B.C. Before Children!). Or a time when you just got back after an overseas trip and your tiredness was so [...]


In studios all around the world, yogis bring their hands together at their heart centre in Namaste gesture. Literally translated, Namaste means “I bow to you”. But have you ever thought about the deeper significance? When we make the Namaste gesture, we are saying: “The divine in me recognises the divine in you and acknowledges that [...]