A simple breathing technique to feel relaxed and energised

Alternate nostril breathing is a powerful breathing technique that helps you to feel relaxed, energised and emotionally balanced. It can be practiced by anyone and is a safe breathing technique for pregnancy and postpartum. In Yoga, this technique is called Nadi Shodhana or Nadi Shuddhi. Nadi is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘subtle energy channel’ and [...]

When should I start Prenatal Yoga?

I’ve spent the last nine years answering phone enquiries on a daily basis for Mother Nurture Yoga. The number one question women ask me is: “When should I start Prenatal Yoga?” When I delve a little deeper into this, what they really want to know is either: When is it safe to start Prenatal Yoga? [...]

Debunking some of the most common myths about birth

In the era of Dr Google, there's no shortage of labour and childbirth myths out there. Let's face it, these have been around since the dawn of time but in today's world they can spread like wildfire. The guest blog post was written by Sarah Tooke a Midwife and Founder of Childbirth Education Online, offering [...]

When Birth Doesn’t Go According To Plan

I love hearing the birth stories from the ladies who attend my Prenatal Yoga classes but too often I am told about things that went ‘wrong’, and I hear that wistful note in a new mother’s voice: “It wasn’t quite how it was ‘meant’ to go”. In our society, we are told that ‘a healthy [...]