Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Select your pass – select the Unlimited, Monthly 8, 10 class, 5 class, trial or casual pass depending on how many weeks pregnant you are and how frequently you wish to come

Step 2: If you are a new student, register with Mother Nurture Yoga by creating your account

Step 3: Place order at the check out

Step 4: Schedule your class/es so we know when to expect you 

If you are in your first or second trimester, please purchase the Unlimited or Monthly 8 membership (valid for 3 calendar months) or 10 Class pass (valid for 6 calendar months).

If you are in your third trimester (28+ weeks), you have the option to purchase the 5 class pass for $110, which is valid for 3 months, or you may prefer the Unlimited 1 month or 2 month membership.

You may also attend casually by purchasing the Casual Session for $25.

If you would like to trial a class before committing to a pass, you may do so for $22.

The 5 class pass is valid for 3 months from the date of your first visit.

The Unlimited and Monthly 8 memberships are both valid for 3 calendar months from the date of your first visit. With the Monthly 8, you may attend 8 classes per month. With the Unlimited membership, you may attend unlimited classes during this time.

The 10 Class Pass is valid for 6 calendar months from the date of your first visit.

Passes do not commence until you attend your first class.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds on any unused classes on your pass.
No, passes are not transferable and cannot be shared between students.
Yes, our casual rate is $25. Where possible, we prefer you to commit to a pass. Why? Then you are mentally committing to a regular practice which is how you will get the most benefit. Our passes are very flexible and offer great value for money – we offer 4 types of passes/memberships depending on how many weeks pregnant you are and how frequently you wish to attend. Plus you can use your pass at any of our classes, so if you have an appointment that clashes with your regular/‘home’ class you may attend a different location/time that weekend.
Yes, it would be very helpful if you could tell us whether or not you plan to come each week and to which location you plan to come. You can do through your online account once you have created it.
Yes, absolutely! Your pass is valid at all our centres, giving you lots of flexibility!
Please arrive 10 minutes before the class starts to allow time to sign in and get set up.
Something that is stretchy and comfortable. Leggings or track pants are ideal.
Our Prenatal yoga classes are just for pregnant ladies. As well as the physical yoga poses, there is a strong focus on breathing techniques to prepare you for labour and birth. We include meditation and visualisation to help you relax and connect with your baby. The class will ease the aches and pains of pregnancy and prepare you physically and mentally for childbirth and motherhood. We also teach pelvic floor exercises.
Weeknight classes last for 60 minutes, and weekend classes last for 75 minutes. The Sydney CBD classes last for 50 minutes.
This varies but usually between 8 – 15.
Please bring your own yoga mat. We are unable to lend mats at this current time.
A blanket, bath towel, cushion or yoga block
A water bottle
Try not to eat for an hour before the class. However if you are experiencing morning sickness feel free to nibble on dry biscuits before the class.
Ideally twice per week, but if you can only come once per week try to use the DVD in between classes.
Yes! Many of our students are new to yoga. The class is gentle and poses are tailored for all levels of ability and flexibility.
Our classes are suitable from the first trimester, however it is personal preference whether you decide to wait until 12 weeks. If you are joining from your second trimester try to start as early as possible so you can become familiar with the poses before your bump starts to get in the way!
Towards the end of your pregnancy you’ll be focused on getting ready for labour, birth and your journey into motherhood. Our classes will help you to relax, connect with your baby and become confident with essential breathing techniques that you’ll need during your labour. Your teacher will help you adjust any poses to accommodate for your baby bump. After 27+ weeks we only ask you to commit to a 5 class pass.
Our classes are designed to help with all of the common pregnancy concerns. However, please flag your individual needs at the time of booking and discuss your requirements with your teacher at your first class, as poses can be adjusted to accommodate. You are welcome to trial a class prior to committing to a pass if you are concerned. Please ensure that you tell your teacher if anything changes during your pregnancy.

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Why Our Students Love Mother Nurture Yoga

“Your teachings about focus and positions really helped me stay strong.”
“Your classes exceeded my expectations and most importantly helped me connect with my baby at the early stages of pregnancy.”
“I’m very thankful to your classes as the breathing techniques really helped me during my labour.”
“This time I had my natural drug free birth the way I wanted it. Thank you for the yoga!”
“I gave normal, vaginal birth birth to my baby girl in just 3 hours of active labour without any epidural. All credit goes to your yoga training.”
“I had an induced labour, but went well, with lots of slow breathing, yoga poses, and only used gas for the last 1/2 hour. Thanks for everything!”
“I gave birth naturally without any pain killers. Your class really helped me cope with the labour pains so by the time I went into the hospital, I was 8cm already! I will definitely recommend you to all my expecting friends!”
“I had a very good experience during the labour, thanks to your classes. It took just 3 hours from contraction to birth.”
“My labour was quick and pleasant. I practiced all the techniques you taught me and did not require any pain relief. I’m so grateful to have met you and completed your yoga course, I will be recommending your teaching practice to every pregnant person I meet!”
“I feel stronger, more fit and most of all more confident, preparing for birth with these yoga poses.”
“I did yoga to help me relax during labour and for extra strength during and after the birth. I was not disappointed. The teacher was wonderful and every week I looked forward to the class. I cannot recommend these classes highly enough!”
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