Daily Live Online Prenatal Yoga, Pilates & Yogalates Classes

Join us for prenatal yoga classes livestreamed online!

We know how important the practice of yoga is for your mental and physical heath during pregnancy, and especially now we must continue the one thing that will enable us to move through this moment with some grace and balance.

Daily online prenatal yoga and yogalates classes livestreamed direct from our living rooms to yours!

Unlike any You Tube or other video, our live prenatal yoga online classes allow you to connect with our  highly qualified and experienced teachers, so that your questions are answered and you can seek guidance in any pose. We are here to teach YOU, based on YOUR needs and to keep you and your baby safe.

Join us for the accountability and community of practicing yoga at the exact same time as other pregnant women around Australia

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Prenatal Yoga online

Our Virtual Timetable

Prenatal Yoga 6.00pm – 7.00pm

Prenatal Pilates 12.30pm – 1.15pm
Prenatal Yoga 7.15pm – 8.15pm

Prenatal Yoga 12.30pm – 1.15pm

Prenatal Yogalates 5.30pm – 6.30pm

Prenatal Yoga 9.30am – 10.45pm

Frequently Asked Questions about our Live stream classes

What equipment do I need?

Ideally you need a yoga mat, but if you don’t have one you can make do with a towel and any non-slip surface.

Have a bolster, or some cushions, pillows or folded towels handy to sit on and to make yourself comfortable when you lie in relaxation.

We sometimes use yoga blocks but you can substitute books or cushions for this.

A chair, stool or sofa and some wall space is also handy.

Don’t worry too much about having the perfect equipment – we have seen some really creative improvisations and the teacher will guide you and give you ideas 🙂

What technology do I need and how do the virtual classes work?

We use Zoom to live stream our classes. Once you purchase a membership, you’ll be guided to book into your first class with us. We’ll email you a link to the Zoom meeting when you book into the class, and we’ll also text you a link (1 hour prior and 5 minutes prior) so you have it handy. We have people who join us via their phone, laptop and ipad. Some people like to cast the class to their TV.

When you join, you have the option of turning your camera on or off. We suggest leaving it on so the teacher can see you and give you verbal adjustments and encouragement. If you’re more comfortable with it off though, that’s ok too.

You can also turn your microphone on to talk to the teacher or other clients. We like to have a quick check in with you before the class starts to make sure we are keeping you safe.

We send you a suggested Spotify playlist before the class, but you can also listen to any music you like (or just enjoy the silence – you’re in control!)

I only have a small apartment, will it be big enough?

As long as you have space to roll out a mat and there’s nothing nearby that you can hurt yourself on then you’ll be fine! We’ve even had clients go outside to take the class with us to enjoy their relaxation time without their kids pestering them!

Is it safe to do classes every day?

Absolutely! If you have time it is very beneficial to do a daily yoga practice.

When can I start pregnancy yoga?

Our classes are suitable from the first trimester, however it is personal preference whether you decide to wait until after your 12 week scan.

I’m in my third trimester, is it too late to start?

It’s never too late! Towards the end of your pregnancy you’ll be focused on getting ready for labour, birth and your journey into motherhood. Our classes will help you to relax, connect with your baby and become confident with essential breathing techniques that you’ll need during your labour.


If you have another question that’s not answered for you here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us using our contact form, or by email or just give us a call on 02 8626 7363.

A Community For Pregnant Women And New Mums

We know that having a community and support system is important – even more so during this journey as you transition into your new role as a Mum. That’s why we pride ourselves on creating an environment where you can make new friends who are sharing this new experience alongside you.

Our online members-only community is a safe and supportive place to ask questions, make connections and learn from each other. We provide free live training and tips on topics such as pelvic floor, acupuncture, connecting with your baby, as well as yoga routines to keep you inspired between classes.

We have also teamed up with other local and national pregnancy and new mum products/services that we love to give you access to exclusive discounts and offers  eg. pregnancy massage, chiropractors, physios, baby keepsakes, maternity and new mum teas, maternity wear and much, much more!

But more than all of that, it’s a place where MNY members past and present can chat and be real with each other.

Why Our Students Love Mother Nurture Yoga

“Your teachings about focus and positions really helped me stay strong.”
“Your classes exceeded my expectations and most importantly helped me connect with my baby at the early stages of pregnancy.”
“I’m very thankful to your classes as the breathing techniques really helped me during my labour.”
“This time I had my natural drug free birth the way I wanted it. Thank you for the yoga!”
“I gave normal, vaginal birth birth to my baby girl in just 3 hours of active labour without any epidural. All credit goes to your yoga training.”
“I had an induced labour, but went well, with lots of slow breathing, yoga poses, and only used gas for the last 1/2 hour. Thanks for everything!”
“I gave birth naturally without any pain killers. Your class really helped me cope with the labour pains so by the time I went into the hospital, I was 8cm already! I will definitely recommend you to all my expecting friends!”
“I had a very good experience during the labour, thanks to your classes. It took just 3 hours from contraction to birth.”
“My labour was quick and pleasant. I practiced all the techniques you taught me and did not require any pain relief. I’m so grateful to have met you and completed your yoga course, I will be recommending your teaching practice to every pregnant person I meet!”
“I feel stronger, more fit and most of all more confident, preparing for birth with these yoga poses.”
“I did yoga to help me relax during labour and for extra strength during and after the birth. I was not disappointed. The teacher was wonderful and every week I looked forward to the class. I cannot recommend these classes highly enough!”

Stay Healthy, Active and Safe! Join Us Now!