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Mums & Bubs

@ Mother Nurture Yoga

your core

in a safe and effective way.  Each Mums & Bubs yoga class blends yoga and pilates to make you strong in the areas you need it the most.

Tough love for new Mums:
Your body won’t bounce back like Beyoncē’s

Sorry. We all know social media is quite different to reality.

It took your body 9 months to grow a baby, so realistically it’s going to take some time to recover fully.

Of course, if you’ve been active throughout your pregnancy your postpartum recovery will be easier and quicker.

Maybe you’re ready to get back into exercising but your postpartum body feels unfamiliar and you’re not sure where to start? Or what’s safe?

The best place to start is with your core.

Our virtual Mums and Bubs CoreFix course gives you a simple roadmap to rebuilding your core strength SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY – without the hassle of leaving home!


Maybe your aim is to get rid of back pain? Strengthen your pelvic floor?
Or heal your separated abdominal muscles
(and start getting rid of that Mummy Tummy?)

Did you know…
Nearly 50% of women in the first few months will suffer from back pain after delivering a baby.

And it’s hardly surprising…
Pregnancy = Weak glutes, abs, and pelvic floor = back pain

Do you really need to put up with this pain while caring for your newborn 24/7? [Correct answer: No, you don’t]

In just 6 weeks of live virtual sessions, I’ll give you the tools and knowledge to repair your Core in a way that’s achievable while looking after a little person.

I’ve developed the Mums & Bubs CoreFix course in conjunction with a physiotherapist to systematically rebuild your core in a safe and effective way. Each class blends yoga and pilates to make you strong in the areas you need it the most.

If you follow our simple system, your abs, glutes, back, and pelvic floor will be a whole lot stronger within just 6 weeks.

Mums and Bubs Yoga Does More Than Rebuild Your Core

You’ll also learn ways of bonding with your baby through rhymes, massage and super cute interactive yoga poses.

For just $199
you'll get:

6 weeks of live Mums & Bubs yoga sessions via zoom

(plus recordings sent afterward)

A home workout program
Handouts that explain how to work each part of your core
A supportive online community

I’m there to guide you every step of the way, check you in poses, and answer your questions.

And the recordings are yours to keep, so you can do Mums & Bubs yoga classes again and again!

No need to miss out because you spent half the class settling or feeding your bubba 🙂

Maybe you’ve been promising yourself for months that you’ll get back into exercise ‘soon’, but it never seems to happen because it all just feels too hard. You’re not alone! Being a new Mum IS hard. That’s why you need to carve out this time for yourself and have the right support to help you.

You're not alone!

I'm feeling
much stronger

I'm feeling much stronger and better after a pelvic floor injury and back pain from the birth of my baby four months ago. The recordings from the Livestream classes were great as I often needed to stop and attend to bub during class, which is easier at home than in the studio!
~ Kate

Join other new Mums

and make friends in this supportive online community, with the accountability each week to actually get your workout done!!

If you’re 6 weeks (or more) postpartum, I’m looking forward to meeting you and your baby!

Upcoming 2024 Mums and Bubs CoreFix Course start dates:

29 May 2024 

highlight of my week

I loved the sessions with Caroline, it was the highlight of my week. I recommend her outstanding sessions to anyone
~ Jasmin
Mother Nurture Yoga has been the best part of my maternity leave. Caroline is an amazing instructor.
~ Madeleine



We’re here to guide you on your journey through Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood.  Ready?  Let’s start with where you are now:

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