Mums & Bubs CoreFix Courses – Now running VIRTUALLY!

Our Mums & Bubs “CoreFix” course is designed for new mums like you, with a focus on re-discovering your body after birth, bonding with your baby and meeting other local mums!

This five-week course is currently being held VIRTUALLY with the next course starting on Thursday 27 May – just $97. Book your spot on the virtual course now!

Many new Mums are actually preferring the virtual option, as it means you don’t need to leave home at a particular time, can put baby to sleep in their own bed and watch the recording after the class as many times as you like.

Post-COVID-19, we will resume with our courses in the Sydney CBD, Carlingford, Drummoyne and Seven Hills, as well as continuing to offer the virtual course.

As part of the CoreFix course, you get worksheets and a home exercise program for your pelvic floor and your core muscles, to ensure you are getting the foundations right for re-building your postnatal body.

Suitable from 6 weeks post-birth (or when given the all-clear from you doctor) up until your baby starts crawling.

Mums are encouraged to connect via WhatsApp groups and (post COVID-19) go for lunch/coffee together afterwards.


VIRTUAL: Starts 27 May, runs for 5 consecutive weeks 10am – 11am 





Price: $140 in-person / $97 virtual


Why attend a Mums & Bubs CoreFix Course?

During our 5 week Mums & Bubs CoreFix Course, you will:

  • Rebuild your core strength (abs, back, butt and pelvic floor) in a safe and effective way
  • Release tension from your neck and shoulders
  • Connect with your baby through infant massage, baby yoga, songs and movement
  • Meet with other local mums in a supportive environment
  • Relax your body and mind
  • Start to tone up and shift baby weight  

Ongoing Mums & Bubs Classes

After the Course, you can access our on demand library of Mums & Bubs classes for just $25 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my baby cries?That is perfectly fine and normal! Remember everyone in class has a baby and they will have different needs at different times. If your baby cries, feed them, comfort them, change them. Don’t worry, you won’t disrupt class.

What do I need to bring?You, your baby and a blanket to lay your baby on and any toys they may like to play with. Some mums bring a baby bouncer. If your bub is sleeping in the car seat or pram when you arrive, we’re happy to help you carry the pram into the room. You are welcome to bring a Yoga mat or you can use one of ours free of charge. If you want to bring a baby carrier to ‘wear your baby’ during some poses – that is encouraged as well.

What if my baby gets hungry?You are welcome to feed them in class (or step out of class if you are more comfortable with that). Breastfeeding is welcome here.

What age can my baby attend class?This class is ideal for babies ages 6 weeks to 1 year – or once your baby is crawling.

Will I get any Yoga/Pilates in?Of course – we promise!

Can I join the ongoing classes without doing the CoreFix course?The purpose of the Course is to ensure that you learn the foundations correctly. For that reason, we request that you attend the CoreFix course first.

IMPORTANT: Please check with your doctor about when it is suitable to return to an exercise program – being mindful that you attend class when you feel physically capable.

Why Our Students Love Mother Nurture Yoga

“Your teachings about focus and positions really helped me stay strong.”
“Your classes exceeded my expectations and most importantly helped me connect with my baby at the early stages of pregnancy.”
“I’m very thankful to your classes as the breathing techniques really helped me during my labour.”
“This time I had my natural drug free birth the way I wanted it. Thank you for the yoga!”
“I gave normal, vaginal birth birth to my baby girl in just 3 hours of active labour without any epidural. All credit goes to your yoga training.”
“I had an induced labour, but went well, with lots of slow breathing, yoga poses, and only used gas for the last 1/2 hour. Thanks for everything!”
“I gave birth naturally without any pain killers. Your class really helped me cope with the labour pains so by the time I went into the hospital, I was 8cm already! I will definitely recommend you to all my expecting friends!”
“I had a very good experience during the labour, thanks to your classes. It took just 3 hours from contraction to birth.”
“My labour was quick and pleasant. I practiced all the techniques you taught me and did not require any pain relief. I’m so grateful to have met you and completed your yoga course, I will be recommending your teaching practice to every pregnant person I meet!”
“I feel stronger, more fit and most of all more confident, preparing for birth with these yoga poses.”
“I did yoga to help me relax during labour and for extra strength during and after the birth. I was not disappointed. The teacher was wonderful and every week I looked forward to the class. I cannot recommend these classes highly enough!”
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