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Online Studio - Beginners’ Pregnancy Yoga Course

@ Mother Nurture Yoga

Do you want to stay active during pregnancy
but aren't sure where to start or what's safe for you and your baby?

Get Immediate Access
To The Prenatal Yoga course For Beginners

Perhaps you’ve heard that yoga is a great thing to do during pregnancy, but you’re nervous because you’ve never done it before.

Just like you, many women find yoga for the first time when they’re pregnant, which is wonderful because it has so many benefits, like:

Eliminating back pain
Maintaining a healthy weight gain
Getting rid of your stress
Sleeping better
Building strength to carry the weight of your baby
Preparing for labour and birth
And generally just feeling better

But it’s important for beginners to make sure you take it step-by-step and understand each of the yoga poses properly. 

You’ll also want to be under the guidance of an experienced teacher who truly knows what they’re talking about. Hint: Beware of YouTube videos!

That’s where I come in.

I’m Caroline Bagga, a Pregnancy & Birth Coach. I’m a Senior Yoga Teacher and Founder of Mother Nurture Yoga, Australia’s largest on-demand pregnancy yoga library and with studios all over Sydney. 

I’ve taught thousands of pregnant women and now I’ve designed this six-week Prenatal Yoga course for beginners just like you! ​

I’ll guide you from being a yoga newbie to a confident, strong, relaxed Mumma-to-be!

After doing this course, you’ll know:

  • What yoga is and how it can help you 
  • The dos and don’ts of yoga during pregnancy
  • Simple and easy Yoga poses which: 
    • Build your strength  
    • Stretch your body
    • Leave you feeling energised
  • Six breathing techniques, including three which can be used during labour 
  • Techniques to help you relax and reduce stress

The course explains all the techniques and poses in simple, easy-to-understand language

Each class lasts around 1 hour and includes yoga poses for all areas of your body (arms, legs, core, upper and lower back) to keep your whole body healthy and active.

This course is yours to keep forever, so you can replay the classes again and again.


We’re here to guide you on your journey through Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood.  Ready?  Let’s start with where you are now:

We're Sydney's top specialists in safe prenatal and postnatal exercise through yoga and pilates.  

Get Your FREE Copy of “The Pregnancy Yoga Handbook” – with 15 Essential Yoga Poses EVERY Pregnant Woman Must Know!

This simple guide for Mums-to-be is packed full of useful information with step-by-step instructions, pictures and guidelines to keep you healthy and your baby safe!