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Couples Birth Preparation Workshop

Do you feel anxious about giving birth?

Are you concerned that you and your partner aren’t prepared?

Give birth with confidence

That's completely normal, especially if it's your first baby. It's all so unknown.

Maybe you’ve been to the hospital antenatal classes and they made you feel more overwhelmed. Or perhaps you haven’t attended any birth preparation classes yet.

I understand how it feels to be anxious about giving birth, and how you and your partner will cope.

The best advice I can give you is to empower yourself and your partner through the right education NOW.

As a Pregnancy & Birth Coach, I can help you prepare to be a strong team on The Big Day.

Learn essential skills and coping techniques

Our fun and down-to-earth Couples Birth Preparation Workshop is packed full of useful information and practical techniques to help you and your partner have a positive birth experience.

Imagine if you were BOTH confident about using breathing techniques, active movements, massage, acupressure points and other forms of natural pain relief.

Imagine what a difference it would make if you and your partner were on the same page and they could support you in the way you want them to.

This is exactly how our Couples Birth Preparation Workshop participants feel.

Breathing Techniques

"In labour, I had sharp contractions which I handled through breathing techniques learned in the classes. I had very long labour of about two days without any pain relief medication. The only thing that made me calm and confident was the poses and breathing techniques which I learned. My Bub, husband and me are very happy and thankful to Caroline."
~ Gayathri


"Loved that my partner knows the techniques and can support me better with that knowledge"
~ Lily

During the Mother Nurture Yoga
Couples Birth Education workshop you will:

✓  Learn natural birth skills, including breathing techniques and active movements for birth
✓  Practice ways your partner can support you during your pregnancy and labour, including massage, acupressure points, partner yoga and natural pain relief
✓  Bond with your partner through some fun partner yoga (laughing out loud is guaranteed!)
✓  Relax deeply and enjoy some simple, guided meditations

Couples Birth Preparation Workshops
Couples Birth Preparation Workshop in Australia

We want to be a strong birth team.

Sure, giving birth is just one day in your life.

But it’s an experience you’ll remember and re-tell for a very long time.

How you’re supported and treated during labour and birth is just as important as how the birth plays out.

Educating and empowering yourselves (yes, both of you) is crucial!



Choose your date:

2024 Dates
Saturdays, Carlingford
$199 per couple (regular price)
$179 (Early Bird price - 4 weeks in advance)

Early Bird Discount Code: EBCouple22Jun
(closes four weeks before – 25 May 2024).

Early Bird Discount Code: EBCouple10Aug
(closes four weeks before – 13 July 2024).

Early Bird Discount Code: EBCouple19Oct
(closes four weeks before – 21 September 2024).

Early Bird Discount Code: EBCouple30Nov
(closes four weeks before – 2 November 2024).

But what if you’re struggling to convince your partner to come to a workshop like this? What if yoga just isn’t ‘his thing’?

Honestly, this workshop is not some stuffy lecture or a regular yoga class.
Nor is it a clinicalisation of birth.
It’s F-U-N!
It’s practical.
You get to be playful and laugh together.
And relax together (all 3 of you!).

What’s not to love about that?!

I promise you, he’ll enjoy it, just like these guys did:

Overall it exceeded my expectation. Recommend to all

Useful framework and techniques for labour

Thanks for the relaxing session. It helped to mentally prepare me for the birth

Questions? Great! Call us at 02 8626 7363 or email us.

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