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Access the biggest On-Demand library of prenatal yoga & pilates

Subscribe to our on-demand library of 250+ pre-recorded prenatal yoga, pilates and yogalates classes taught by our expert teachers. Classes range from 5 minutes to 75 minutes.

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Pregnancy yoga at home

Our Pregnancy Yoga On-Demand Library might be the answer to your prayers if you:

Want to practice yoga during the daytime

(or a day when we don’t have any virtual/in-person classes)

Want "Flexibility"

Get your choice of short or long classes to suit the time you have available

Are on a tight budget

but still know that prenatal yoga with expert teachers is a good investment in your own health and wellbeing

Virtual Classes On Demand

we are the leading Pregnancy Yoga Specialists.

At Mother Nurture Yoga, we believe that all women deserve an active, healthy, and enjoyable pregnancy, a positive birth experience, and postpartum recovery. We’re passionate about sharing yoga poses, breathing and meditation techniques to help you have a rewarding pregnancy, labour and birth.

Why Mums-to-be Love our on-Demand Library:

“I was very lucky to find the Mother Nurture Yoga on-demand library. It was tricky for me to commit to set online class times and I found being able to access full-length classes any time of day suited me just perfectly.

The classes left me feeling more relaxed both mentally and physically. Thank you!“
“Please pass along my thanks to all the teachers! I’m down in Melbourne and I practiced almost daily throughout the lockdown! It has been an amazing resource throughout my pregnancy
The availability of virtual and on-demand classes has actually meant I’ve increased my yoga practice three- or four-fold as I can join from anywhere. The instructors are phenomenal. I cannot recommend Mother Nurture Yoga highly enough!

"Flexible" Pregnancy
Yoga Classes

Whether you have 5 minutes or 75 minutes free, find the prenatal yoga video that fits your schedule, On-Demand.

Get Mother Nurture Yoga & Pilates

Take yoga classes from Sydney’s top Prenatal Yoga Experts, from the comfort of your home!


We’re here to guide you on your journey through Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood.  Ready?  Let’s start with where you are now:

We're Sydney's top specialists in safe prenatal and postnatal exercise through yoga and pilates.  

Get Your FREE Copy of “The Pregnancy Yoga Handbook” – with 15 Essential Yoga Poses EVERY Pregnant Woman Must Know!

This simple guide for Mums-to-be is packed full of useful information with step-by-step instructions, pictures and guidelines to keep you healthy and your baby safe!