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Yoga Class Etiquette

Just like in any gathering, there are certain rules observed in a yoga class to ensure smooth facilitation and interaction. It requires silence and respect for other people’s space. Whether it’s your first time attend or you’re coming back after a sabbatical, here are the basics of yoga class etiquette that you need to remember:

Arrive on time

Respect other people’s time by not being late. Ideally, be there five minutes before the class begins. If due to uncontrollable circumstances you didn’t make it on time, wait for the mediation time to finish before entering. Put your mat down as quietly as possible so as not to disturb others.

Leave shoes and bags by the door

Make sure that you put your shoes and bags where it belongs. It can be by the door or in a designated area for valuables. The yoga area should be free of clutter so make sure you place your personal belongings in the proper place.

Turn off your phone

Your yoga time is basically your “me” time so the last thing you want is to get distracted. Do yourself a favor and turn off your phone. If it worries you that you might miss an important message then put it on silent mode.

Be honest with pregnancy concerns

Tell your yoga teacher what your pregnancy concerns are. This will help her personalize your yoga session, if needed, and address those issues. Your teacher needs to know if your baby is in breech position, if you have low lying placenta, spd/psd, and sjp/pelvic girdle pain.

If you are less than 27 weeks pregnant you are welcome to begin the class by relaxing in supported Supta Buddha konasana on the bolster. After that, you will be asked to sit upright although this is still up to you. At 34 weeks, though, you will definitely be required to sit upright during the initial meditation.

Listen to your body

Don’t push yourself beyond what you can do. Don’t compare yourself with other people’s performance. Listen to your own body and work according to your capacity.

Put props away neatly after class

Clean up and put your stuff away after your yoga session. Leave the yoga area the same way you came in—clean and relaxing!

These are the main things you need to remember during before, during, and after your yoga class. If you want to know more about our pregnancy yoga classes, visit

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