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The Best Australian Pregnancy Podcasts in 2024

Wondering what’s a good pregnancy podcast to listen to? Read on for our list of the best pregnancy podcasts in Australia.

As expecting parents, pregnancy can be both thrilling and overwhelming. From the physical changes to the emotional rollercoaster, navigating pregnancy can leave you seeking guidance and reassurance.

And what better way for time-poor people than listening to a podcast! You can multi-task by listening while travelling to work, going for a walk or just relaxing at home.

Globally there are plenty of pregnancy podcasts out there. But it’s always good to hear a local perspective. Below, we’ve curated a list of eleven of the best pregnancy podcasts in Australia that we love, offering expert advice, personal stories, and practical tips.

You can find all our favourite pregnancy podcasts for expecting parents on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.
So here it is, in no particular order, our list of the best pregnancy podcasts in Australia that we’re listening to in 2024!

Australian Birth Stories

With over 450 episodes, this podcast is a comprehensive guide to childbirth experiences across Australia. Hosted by Sophie Walker, Australian Birth Stories features interviews with mothers sharing their unique birth stories, ranging from home births to hospital experiences and everything in between. Designed to help educate and inform first time pregnant women, parents wanting to have better subsequent births and birth enthusiasts who love to hear and tell birth stories. An entertaining and heartfelt resource for pregnancy, labour and delivery and postpartum.

The Science of Motherhood

Knowledge is power. In this podcast, Dr Renee White unravels and interprets the latest research and evidence-based practices for pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood. As a mum and researcher, Renee has experienced first-hand the overwhelming complexity of information, myths and old-wives tales. Even worse, ‘advice’ is being given to mums without the proper context or knowledge of their individual needs. So tune in to hear her ask experts, researchers and specialists about all things mother care, pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

The Kick

Hosted by a husband and wife duo Dr Patrick Moloney & Mama Brigid Moloney who have been running an Obstetrics and Gynaecology clinic in Victoria for more than 13 years. With more than a million downloads this podcast shares everything you need to know about getting pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth and bringing your baby home, minus the heavy medical jargon. They share lots of relatable stories of their work helping thousands of women have babies, as well as being parents to four boys. Each episode has expert led content that will help you cut through the swathe of pregnancy information, restoring your calm and giving you the confidence to know that mama, you got this!

Beyond the Bump

Listen in for the raw and unfiltered truths of motherhood, hosted by two hilarious Byron Bay women, Jayde Couldwell and Sophie Pearce. This podcast is a place to have real discussions and ask real questions (no matter how hard) with honest and authentic people. The aim is to have you feeling lighter, more supported and more understood after each listen.

The Great Birth Rebellion

Hosted by Blue Mountains-based Private Midwife, Dr Melanie Jackson and Midwife & Pelvic Floor specialist Bernadette Lack. The Great Birth Rebellion dismantles western beliefs and management of birth and presents an evidence-based alternative to modern birth practices. Melanie & B believe that calculated rebellion against medicalised maternity care is the evidence-based and preferred path to having a great birth.

The Expert Guide to Parenthood

Parenting can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. The Expert Guide to Parenthood podcast is designed to help you prepare for pregnancy, birth, baby and parenthood. Each week Melbourne-based Christy Hopwood and Freya Owen interview leading experts who share the essential information you need to know for each stage of the parenting journey.

Baby Brain

A podcast for everyday Australian Mums, by two everyday Aussie Mums Hannah Hellyer & Emma Mytka. Sharing their own experiences, interviewing experts and parents like you. Their aim is to be authentic and fun, but never shy away from the hard conversations. We hold space for parenting in all of its beautiful and challenging forms and have raw and real conversations. Each week they interview parenting experts and share anonymous stories from listeners every fortnight on the Motherhood Confessions episodes.

Birth, Baby & Beyond

Created for expectant parents, new mums, new grandparents and for anyone wanting to know more about becoming a parent. Midwife Cath Curtin shares over four decades of experience, guiding you through the highs and lows of being pregnant, giving birth and the complexities of parenting. In the latest season Cath is refocussing her attention onto new dads and dads-to-be. Together with new dad Chris Taylor she unpacks everything men need to know about the highs and lows of pregnancy, giving birth and the complexities of parenting.

Pregnancy Birth & Beyond Radio

Pregnancy Birth & Beyond where stories, science, traditions and new ideas meet. This long-running podcast is part of a not-for-profit community journalism and media project run out of Northern NSW.

The She Births® Show Podcast

Sydney-based Nadine Richardson, founder of She Births®, hosts a collection of conversations with special guests about better births, a philosophy of connected parenting and conscious, healthy living. Each season includes topics for not only parents and parents-to-be but fellow birth professionals.

Pregnancy with Physio Laura

This podcast will help you feel confident, empowered and informed in your pregnancy and birth journey. Laura, who is a women’s health physiotherapist, shares solo riffs on her clinical physiotherapy expertise combined with her personal experience as a mama as well as guest expert interviews from all fields of women’s health.

So, grab your headphones and get listening to these inspiring Australian pregnancy podcasts today!

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