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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Wife’s First Mother’s Day

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Wife’s First Mother’s Day

Congratulations to you and your wife on her first Mother’s Day! In the long list of ‘firsts’ that comes with pregnancy and motherhood – first hospital appointment, first nappy change, first smile – the first Mother’s Day is high in importance for most women.

This guide will help you to give your wife a memorable first Mother’s Day.

All women are different and like to have love shown in different ways – some will appreciate a gift or keepsake, others will value some time to themselves, while others will relish the idea of creating special memories with family.

The most important thing in preparing for this special day is to make your wife feel loved, appreciated, and celebrated. By taking the time to plan a special day for her, you’re showing her how much she means to you and your family – and that in itself is a beautiful gift!

Important note for Dads-to-be: If your baby hasn’t arrived yet, you can still read on…your partner will likely still want to celebrate as it’s definitely noteworthy being pregnant on Mother’s Day. But if you’re in doubt, discuss it with her first!

Here’s an ultimate guide to planning a special day for her:

  • Give her a thoughtful gift: A thoughtful and personal gift is a great way to show your wife that you appreciate her as a mother. Consider getting her something that reflects her interests, such as a book, jewellery, or a piece of art. Many items of jewellery can be personalised with baby’s name, or date of birth. Get creative by putting together a photo book of her pregnancy and/or baby’s first year. Or if you find you don’t have enough photos, why not book a photoshoot as a gift?

  • Don’t forget the card: Your baby’s handprint or footprint makes an adorable card and you can add a heartfelt message from the both of you.

  • Let her sleep in: Being a new mum (or a pregnant mum) can be exhausting, so letting your wife sleep in and catch up on some much-needed rest can be a great way to show her how much you care. If your baby wakes up early, consider giving them a feed and then taking them out for a walk in the pram so she isn’t disturbed.

  • Pamper her with a spa day, retreat or yoga classes: A spa day or retreat can be a great way to help your wife relax and unwind. Mother Nurture Yoga Pregnancy Retreats are the perfect surprise gift for pregnant Mummas as it’s a whole day of pure relaxation in community with other mums-to-be. Another great option is a gift voucher for pregnancy yoga classes so she can get a weekly dose of me-time!

  • Clean the house: While your wife is out relaxing, or sleeping in, clean and/or tidy the house! A clean house brings an amazing sense of calm which will get the day off to a great start. Even just vacuuming makes a huge difference.

  • Make her breakfast in bed: Start her day off right by making her favourite breakfast and serving it to her in bed. This is a simple but thoughtful gesture that she is sure to appreciate. For bonus points, follow it up by running her a bath with candles and relaxing music.

  • Plan a fun activity: Plan a fun activity that your wife will enjoy, such as a picnic in the park, a hike, or a trip to the zoo. This is a great opportunity for her to spend some quality time with the family and make some special memories.

  • Make a special lunch or dinner, or take her out: Make your wife her favourite lunch/dinner or take her out to a nice restaurant. This is a great way to celebrate her as a mother and show her how much you care. If she’s close with other female relatives you might want to make it a multi-generational family celebration. If you’re going out as a couple, don’t forget to organise the babysitter too!

    Remember, there is no one right way to celebrate Mother’s day. The most important thing is to be thoughtful and make a heartfelt effort – whatever you decide to do, it won’t go unnoticed!
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