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Why Every New Mum Should Do Mums and Bubs Yoga

Let’s be real, as a new mum you have a lot on your plate, in your arms, on the floor, in the washing basket, in the sink….. you get the picture!

Being a mum is hard work! Firstly, it’s busy. It’s also tiring! And to top it all off your body’s trying to recover from one of the most beautiful and, at the same time, most physically intense experiences.

Therefore, you’re probably in survival mode and you might feel it’s too much to add another thing to your already insanely hectic day. The last thing on your mind is postnatal exercise!

However, it’s times like these that making that time for an activity that focuses on your mental and physical well-being is even more important.

Why Every New Mum Should Do Mums and Bubs Yoga

Mums and Bubs yoga at Mother Nurture Yoga is the perfect postnatal fitness choice and it has oh so many benefits including:

Bonding with your bub

Sure, we get it, the two of you spend plenty of time together, however practicing yoga with each other encourages you to interact in different ways and in a relaxing environment.

Using your brain

With most new mums there is a clear distinction between the before baby brain (bbb) and the after baby brain (abb). The bbb is rested and can think clearly think, while the abb is functioning on minimal sleep. Therefore, your thoughts are zooming around in circles at 100 miles per hour, most of which get forgotten. A meditative yoga practice will encourage brain activity and help get your memory back on track.

Increase your strength

Your body is recovering from pregnancy and birth, or at least it’s trying to. Yoga will help strengthen your body, including your pelvic floor – you’ll even receive a Home Exercise Program for your pelvic floor and core muscles! It’s also an excellent way for your little one to build some strength while they’re doing some tummy-time.

Improve your sleep

Do you find that even if you get a small window to sneak in a nap, sometimes you can’t actually get to sleep! Often you struggle because you’re over-tired and it can be difficult to unwind, especially knowing you may be woken at any time.

The breathing techniques you learn in mums and bubs yoga help encourage restful sleep. And wait for it, studies have shown that yoga helps babies sleep better at night, it’s a win-win for everyone!

Make new friends

Joining a postnatal fitness class like Mums and Bubs yoga provides the perfect opportunity for you and your bub to make new friends with other local new mums in the same boat.

“Take a deep breath. Inhale peace. Exhale happiness.” – A.D. Posey

Move your body and feel more calm and relaxed today.

Join our Mums & Bubs CoreFix Course – it’s designed for new mums like you. This five-week course is a safe and effective way to get fit.

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Get started today!

If you’re wondering, “Is there Mums & Bubs Yoga near me?”

Yes! Choose from four Sydney locations:

  • Mums & Bubs Yoga Carlingford (Hills District)
  • Mums & Bubs Yoga Drummoyne (Inner West)
  • Mums & Bubs Yoga Seven Hills (Western Sydney)
  • Mums & Bubs Yoga Sydney CBD
Build your core strength with our Mums & Bubs CoreFix course. Register now!

Build your core strength with our Mums & Bubs CoreFix course.

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